Educating, Conversing, and advocating for mental health equity, justice, and inclusion.

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My name is Madi, and I am an American Teen fighting for change in the mental health community.
I have been fighting the fight against depression for some years now and this past year I finally found the courage to speak up about my journey and ask for help. I have sense come out roaring, using my voice and knowledge as a weapon and accepting myself for everything I am. While my fight is surely not over yet, neither is our communities. I will continue to fight not only for myself, not only for my peers who fight with me, but also for those who have said their goodbyes.
I am on a mission to end the discrimination on mental health and help educate our communities by implementing mandatory mental health education into the school system and offer free mental health education to community members. By my welcoming the conversations of mental health and creating such conversations not only on my online platforms  but also in my daily life, I am helping to normalize the talk of mental health. Now it is your turn.
I challenge you to use your mind to educate yourself and others and to have conversations in your daily life about mental health, to help end the discrimination on the wellness of the mind.

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I advocate for mental health using my online platforms, partnerships, and my voice.

Hi friends!

​I am a youth advocate with a focus in mental health, I use my online platforms to help get my voice out there more and to be seen and heard by others. Online platforms are one of the most efficient ways to get communication out and across to people all over the world 

I partner with companies, businesses, and organizations to get more experience in the field of activism, connect with other people, explore opportunities, and educate myself. 

I use my voice online, with my peers, and in activism to help speak out about the issues I care and am

passionate about. Using my voice is important to activism because it can be used as a weapon and help educate more people, and education is key to activism. I encourage everyone to get out there and use your voice fearlessly, even though it may be hard and terrifying, we have to look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel and accept whatever debri may hit us on the way there!

- Madi Paige Graham


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